Good Cheer

The Younger and I went to the library to take out books on Native
Americans for her nonfiction school project. While I loaded up on the
Trail of Tears, she was casually perusing the EZ readers shelf, and she
slipped out a few and added them to the stack when we went to the
checkout desk. I didn't see what they were until we got home. In fact,
it wasn't until that night that the one she really liked made its way
up to her room.  "Look," she said, and we read it together.

elephant is uptight and perfectionist (like so many little kids, who
must always tell you you're doing things wrong), the pig is happy to be
doing anything, the perfect subverter of the elephant's desperate quest
for order. And they both end up happy!
This book just cheered us both up, it really did. Every now and then
over the days that followed she would yell out, "The Pig rocks!" and we
would both feel a lot better about whatever it was we were doing.
It's so nice when something like that comes along.

What they're reading
The Elder: Hoot
The Younger: Caps for Sale

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