Big Fat Deal

Well, in a previous post I went on a bit about Bigger Is Better, a book about a girl who is fat and wants to find a way to get everyone off her back about it. I couldn't link to it then, because I couldn't find the book and any search turned up nothing but porn. Then our copy turned up so I had the author's name, and while I could find the book on alibris and Amazon, no one seemed to have an image.

I'm trying not to get paranoid about it.

Because while the cover is nothing to crow about in terms of design beauty (except maybe as a representation of an amazingly hideous particularly eighties sort of style), it shows the image of a heavy, happy girl. And that's just not something that our society is so big on. It doesn't help that part of the book itself's "happy ending" involves, "Oh, and look how great, it turned out that I got thin anyway!" But how could the cover have gotten disappeared from the face of the earth? Are we that incapable of dealing with the whole idea of a girl being happy and not entirely thin?

What is it with the whole girls and fat thing? Why doesn't it ever go away? Instead it just seems to get worse and worse.

3 thoughts on “Big Fat Deal

  1. Why don’t you take a picture of the cover and put it up as a user image of the book on Amazon and any other sites that let you?


  2. It is the same book! With the same lame fashions! She looks so happy! Thanks for finding this and posting a comment about it.


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