The Perfect Book for…

when the trials and tribulations of friends and also "friends" get to be too much.


I didn't find this book myself, Chestnut did (in the realistic fiction bin at her class, and
boy how realistic it is). It's a picture book, all
about Lily and just how badly she wants Tamika to be her friend, and
just how much she blows off Keesha, who is a much better bet in terms
of friendship. The whole book follows her chasing after Tamika's
friendship and being brushed off—and none too gently. One of the things
I really like about it is how willing the book is to see things from Lily's
perspective. She doesn't end up with that horrible fake wisdom kids books so often peddle, "Now I see that my real friend is
the one who talks to me…." Even as the book
ends she is still (sort of) longing for Tamika's approval. But she's
moved on, too, and its realistic view of hope is, I think, much more
encouraging than that  I've-really-learned-what-friendship-is-all-about bullshit so many books portray (I'm looking at you, Strawberry Shortcake).

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Book for…

  1. I adore this book. I love its depiction of an urban summer spent by the pool comparing swimsuits and eating popsicles. And I love the relationships between the girls.
    Thanks for reminding me of it.


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