Alert! Unrelated Post!

I've more or less convinced myself in part this blog is about finding ways to navigate the world of girls, and the way they read the world. And so (if you follow that convoluted sentence) I have also convinced myself that it makes sense to do a post about something that is happening at the karate school where Chestnut and I train. They work with girls and women to help them prevent violence and make them stronger, and they do an amazing job. And, like all nonprofits, they are hurting these days. Chestnut and I are punching in their punchathon on June 7, and you can sponsor us or just donate to the school here.
As they say, no amount is too little!

What They're Reading Now
Diana: The Will of the Empress, Tamora Pierce
Chestnut: The Nutcracker (seasonless, really)

2 thoughts on “Alert! Unrelated Post!

  1. Was sent your way by finslippy. Children’s books are still my favorites- and I have passed that on to my daughter who is growing up to read adult titles, while not giving up on old and new titles for younger readers (she is in heaven as she just acquired- with her own money- 9 of 10 of the Bagthorpe series). On another note, The Diamond in the Window was my favorite book for years and years (before there were sequels). I read it at that magic time in my life where it both resonated and delighted. I have often observed that there are a lot of good books, but it depends on when you read them in your life as to whether they find a place in your heart. Thanks for writing I will be stopping back.


  2. hi, I also came from finslippy. I used to see/get tons of neat books when I was in publishing but no more, I never know what’s out there now. keep posting and I will be reading!


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