Alert: Fabulous New Feature!

So I had this great idea. Here is what happened.
1) A few trusting readers have emailed me asking for recommendations.
I have always prided myself on having the superpower ability of being
able to, with just a few scraps of information, pick out the perfect
book for someone.
Then, lightning struck. Why not do it on purpose? What I propose: anybody who wants to should send me an email
here (or click over there on the side if this doesn't work) with the age of the reader, general likes and dislikes (any books
the reader has really loved), reading skill level, what you (or he or she) is looking for (say, a book to help with the fact that my child has been suddenly and inexplicably ostracized; a book to help with moving; a book just to be excellent) and anything else
you can think of throwing in there. Every week (or month, or
fortnight—we'll see how it goes) I will post the request (without
identifying information) along with the book I recommended. And I can't rule out asking Diana or Chestnut for help

I might get it wrong, and even if I get it right, there's no
guarantee you can convince your child to give it a try, but hey, it might
just work! Think of it—birthdays, bar mitzvahs, holidays—it'll be
fabulous. So go ahead and give it a try, if you're of a mind to. I look forward to seeing what comes in.

6 thoughts on “Alert: Fabulous New Feature!

  1. I just found your blog and I’m entranced. I don’t have children, but I seem to remember that I once was a child, and I have always loved good children’s literature. My husband is shaking his head in incomprehension as I gush about how everything I’ve read on your blog is EXACTLY HOW I FEEL. Thank you for all the wonderful book ideas, which I will store away for the day I can share them with some lucky kiddo.


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