Technical Embarrassment

I thought I was pretty hot stuff because I knew about Twitter. Even admitting that I ever thought or felt that is deeply embarrassing, but not as much as this: I've been doing that whole Twitter thing, admittedly not very often or effectively, for months, and only  today did I realize there was a place for messages that are sent directly to me.
I thought that it was just that nobody was responding to my questions or musings, but no, I was just monumentally clueless.
I am sorry, everybody who answered me and I didn't respond. My only excuse is that I am lame. Yes, I know, this is not a good excuse.
Why putting this on the blog? Because I don't know that I am together enough to use Twitter. Which is just sad.

2 thoughts on “Technical Embarrassment

  1. Fortunately (I guess) I have lumped Twitter in with all the things that, at 33, I am apparently too old to understand.
    I figure that with multiple email addresses, two phones, and more than one blog I follow plus one I write, I’m full up of ways to communicate!


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