We Recommend, Baby Edition

This feature, in which we recommend books based on what you tell us
in an email, is going to be around throughout our summer vacation. I am
trying to catch up on all the kind people who have been patiently
waiting for a recommendation.  If you have specific questions, needs,
or desires (my child is a reluctant reader who loves carnage but hates
cats) send it to us here,
and we will do our best to recommend the right book for you. And, as
always, please don’t hesitate to put in your own recommendations!

Baby shower books are both bizarre and hopeful—they say, Yes! You will make it through to the point where this screaming angel will be interested in something that doesn’t come out of your body.
This particular request is for a book for a second baby, so something that, in this case, the 2-year-old and the baby will be interested in. I will, once again, nominate one of our all-time favorites:


This book is so excellent! Also, very easy for a 2-year-old to "read" to his or her new sibling. Also cheerful and silly and sweet. And inside the back cover there is a sort of reflective mirror that both kids can smush their faces onto and get really dirty. The author of this is also the illustrator of another one we loved, Marshmallow kisses, which has a really nice take on sisters, but is for kids a bit older.
I must also put in a word for another favorite author, the genius Byron Barton, who has (I think) universal appeal, as I’ve said before. Other great baby shower books? Diana loved Duck Is Dirty, though it’s now out of print, and I was a big fan of Daisy and the Egg, as it really worked for both parties. What do you guys think?

10 thoughts on “We Recommend, Baby Edition

  1. Oh I am so sad to learn that Duck is Dirty is out of print. I loved that book and so did my DD. The others were good, but Duck is Dirty is just too funny. We loved the Daisy books too, but Daisy and the Monster was our favorite. My DD’s hands down fav book was “My Aunt Came Back” by Pat Cummings. She loved memorizing the “song” and then reading the book. We also liked “The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear”. Oh, now I am thinking back to when they were little. My DD just started 3rd grade and my DS just started Kindergarten. Ah, the memories!


  2. I have no children, but I love Lisa Patricelli’s books, such as “Yummy, Yucky” and “No, No, Yes, Yes.” The illustrations are adorable, vibrant, and funny.


  3. Goodnight Gorilla, by Peggy Rathman. Both of my children have loved this book, and there are barely any words in it, so it is easy for a preschooler to read to a younger sibling, and there are lots of places to make up your own exposition. My 2 year old (the younger) now “reads” the book to herself.
    We have it in big board book form, and the size works great for the art.


  4. Thanks so much for this recommendation! Books are my go to gift, but I’ve already given this momma a few- I’m thrilled to have a new idea for her.


  5. Goodnight Moon? It has the advantage of being available in several formats, with and without bunny. It is deceptively simple but wears well for both reader and listener.


  6. My kids loved “Pat the Bunny” and I loved Hug by Jez Alborough and Hush Little Baby by Sylvia Long. They also loved Barnyard Banter; Brown Bear, Brown Bear; and Guess How Much I Love You.


  7. I second Goodnight Gorilla and Brown Bear, Brown Bear. I also suggest:
    Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin
    No, David by David Shannon for the older child and Oh David for the younger.
    The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
    More, More, More Said the Baby: Three Love Stories


  8. My two were also big fans of Duck is Dirty, which, alas, got REALLY dirty after an errant glass of red wine. And the sing-songy cadence of Brown Bear, Brown Bear lodged in all our brains as well.
    Other favorites:
    Peek-A Who? (Nina Laden). It too, has that mirror page in the back and is a sort of first riddle book, I guess.
    The Going to Bed Book and Barnyard Dance (Sandra Boynton), rhyming, funny–tho less easy for a 2 y.o. to “read” to a baby.
    ZaZa’s Baby Brother (Lucy Cousins, the creator of the much-admired Maisy) in which a zebra, heretofore the center of attention, receives a sibling.


  9. Pretty much any sandra boyton book will delight all around
    Jamberry is great (author escapes me)
    We purchase the Goodnight World series as we travel (goodnight nyc, goodnight north carolina, good night san francisco, etc)…if you live in a different state than the child, send them the book from where you live…both baby and older child will be interested
    I also love the llama books (llama llama red pajama, llama llama mad at mama, llama llama misses mama)…I don’t believe that all babies are interested in are the board books. The llama books have relatable story lines for the older child and the cadence and rhyming scheme will entrance the little one.
    I have a 9 month old and these along with about 100-150 other books are on her shelves. My biggest accomplishment? She knows what “turn the page” means!


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