We Recommend, Is It Just Fantasy?

This feature, in which we recommend books based on what you tell us in an email, is going to be around throughout our summer vacation. I am trying to catch up on all the kind people who have been patiently waiting for a recommendation.  If you have specific questions, needs, or desires (my child is a reluctant reader who loves carnage but hates cats) send it to us here, and we will do our best to recommend the right book for you. And, as always, please don’t hesitate to put in your own recommendations!

A 6-year-old kindergartner want fantasy books and lots of ‘em! She most liked My Father’s Dragon, by Ruth Giles. What should it be?
We say this most excellent book:


Do be warned that it is a little bit scary for some of us (the cat is pretty mean and creepy), but it’s also oh so excellent. She might, too, want to look at The Secrets of Droon (which is not exactly excellent in the sense that you, as a grownup, will enjoy reading it, but no doubt the child will find it excellent).
But this book is so great and strange, it's worth a try. No doubt you all have lots of other options for this ambitious kid—let's hear them.

7 thoughts on “We Recommend, Is It Just Fantasy?

  1. They might be a little old for her, but as a second or third grader I loved Ruth Chew’s books. They were about ordinary kids who stumbled upon something magical. My favorite was one where a wizard thought a little girl was magic because she gave him a plastic soda bottle.


  2. This was my question and I have to say that we have also found Sister Magic by Anne Mazer (a local author) which my daughter also LOVES!


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