We Recommend, Escape From Princess-Land

This feature, in which we recommend books based on what you tell us in an email, is going to be around throughout our summer vacation. I am trying to catch up on all the kind people who have been patiently waiting for a recommendation.  If you have specific questions, needs, or desires (my child is a reluctant reader who loves carnage but hates cats) send it to us here, and we will do our best to recommend the right book for you. And, as always, please don’t hesitate to put in your own recommendations!

Next up, a 4-year-old girl who loves to be read to, but whose mother is gratefully crawling (on bloodied knees, it sounds like) toward the light at the end of the tunnel as she escapes from PrincessLand. The child is a big fan of old-fashioned things (she loved loved loved the Little House Books), princesses (duh), pretty dresses, etc etc. What can the mother get to please the child, yet counteract the princess miasma? Perhaps this.


Also, for good measure, the Besty-Tacy books, Ballet Shoes, and All of a Kind Family. Any other dress-focused days of yore lit to help this poor woman out?

12 thoughts on “We Recommend, Escape From Princess-Land

  1. All of the American Girl series books have been enjoyable for my girls…I’m assuming that the mother is reading these to the four year old though.
    Anyway, lots of period/historical points of interest (clothing, events, etc.)


  2. My daughter has recently taken a shine to biographies. We started with on of President Obama, but since, have been doing women. Madame Curie was a favorite, as was Amelia Bloomer and Roosevelt’s daughter (can’t remember her name… Emily?)


  3. Yes, I second Milly Molly Mandy and the early Betsy Tacy books. I actually think that 4 is too young for many of the classics yet- Anne of GG actually has a rather advanced vocab. There is a Brit series starting with What Katy did, with some judicious editing maybe this could be read aloud.


  4. The Secret Garden?
    Sarah, Plain and Tall (which has a bunch of sequels now, I believe)
    Caddie Woodlawn
    Charlotte’s Web
    The Ramona books?


  5. How about the Shoes series by Noel Streatfield? There’s always lots of dress description – and what’s more, most of the little girls wear dancing costumes! Pinafores! Organdy! Everything she could want.


  6. A four year old is already done with the Little House books? I don’t know, I’m pretty literary, but my five year old is still enjoying the ‘baby’ versions of those. Maybe she’s extra-sheltered. Should I step up the pace of introducing this level of novel?


  7. I read Anne to my four year old, but I read the abridged version, meant for kiddos. I tried the original version, but she couldn’t follow the massively flowery language.
    I’ve read her Sarah, Plain and Tall a thousand times and we’re working on Little House.
    I would love to hear more suggestions on chapter books for pre-readers and readers who love to be read to.


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