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I've added some things over there on the left side, two new items: editorial services and review policies. I think they're pretty much self-explanatory, but that never stopped me from going on and on before.

The review policies is for any of you that want to send me books to review, or want to know just how much integrity I have (answer: some).

The editorial services are for any of you who have a manuscript that needs a reader, a set of more objective eyes, line editing, or general guidance. 

And since I'm talking about other business, I wanted to float an idea by you. I've been so happy with the wonderfully generous people who write in to ask for the We Recommend feature, as well as for those who've offered up their own amazing suggestions. I am considering some changes, including 1) printing all or part of the original email, to give a fuller picture of the needs and 2) posting them without my explicit recommendation, and just letting you guys have at it, and 3) following up later with requesters, to see how it went with the recommendations. Any opinions on these?

6 thoughts on “Other Business

  1. I’m a little confused by the question — sorry! And I do like the new look of the blog. I always enjoy your posts, and the blog itself is such an affirmation of the bookworm that I was or am!


  2. I think your synopsis of the email is fine unless you think the original is noteworthy for some reason.
    I love hearing your recommendations and doing so seems to jump-start my own recs.
    And I would love to hear how the recommendations worked out!!


  3. Sorry for the confusion: I just wanted to know if
    1) you want to hear the whole email
    2) if you want a chance to jump in before I recommend something
    3) if you want to know how things worked out thereafter
    On Sat, Sep 26, 2009 at 1:11 PM, wrote:


  4. 1) Sometimes I’d like to hear at least part of the email, but it’s not really necessary for me. If it lightens your burden of answering these emails I say go.
    2) Not necessarily, it’s good to read your recommandations first. Sometimes I think “Oh, I would recommend the same”. Other times the recommandations reminds me of other, similar books. So it works either way.
    3) Absolutely! 🙂


  5. 1. I think either way is fine. I do like to hear original emails (Amalah does this in her Advice Smackdown, if you know that blog, and it’s fun to hear the original question) but summaries can work just as well.
    2. I prefer to hear your opinion first, and look at the comments for others’ input.
    3. Follow ups would be great if you can get them!
    P.S. My 7 y.o. is loving Babymouse, from your recommendation to another reader.


  6. Hearing your opinion is always interesting. But if you’ve got a backlog of requests and they are weighing you down, maybe it would be good to get a few out for crowdsourcing.


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