Reading and Boys

A commenter suggested I check out the guys read site  from John
Scizseka, and I did. 

First of all, it's excellent, and I highly recommend all parents of boys, boys, and other interested parties go there at once.

I've just spent quite a bit of time writing a long post about the various reasons boys might feel shut out of reading, and the possible historical and sociological roots of this, but then I realized that the only really useful thing to do, was to tell you all to go there. And, if and when possible, to let the boys—and all of us—read what they really, truly want to read. It seems to me the best possible hope we have of peace, and as much happiness as we can muster, in our time.

9 thoughts on “Reading and Boys

  1. I had never visited “Guys Read” before, what a great website! Thanks for sharing. I took a class with Ralph Fletcher last year about boys and writing, and this theme came out there too.


  2. I think one of the most disturbing trends I’ve seen as a teacher is when parents devalue what boys often read; the humble comic book. Today boys often graduate from the comic book to the graphic novel, but back in my day it went comic book, choose your own adventure and then off into literature.
    But when you interrupt a boys reading because you think comic books don’t have merit, you stop the train cold…and that’s a pity.
    When I taught I lectured long and frequently about the wonders of comic books, and kept them stocked in my classrooms…and found it did a lot of good.


  3. I really like him–my 3-year-old thinks “The Stinky Cheese Man” is the greatest story ever written. And I’ve liked what I’ve heard from him in interviews. As the parent of two boys, I’ll be very interested to read what he has to say about their reading. Thanks for the link!


  4. Thanks for the link! I teach fourth grade, and getting boys reading can be a big challenge.
    (Megsie, I got to have several days of professional development with Ralph Fletcher this past year. He was awesome, and really helpful in thinking about the boys and writing issues.)


  5. Thanks for the link! My 8-yr-old boy is a voracious reader but is often picky and indecisive and reluctant to let me help choose. This website looks like one he would enjoy and the book of the month looks like one he would devour!


  6. SO funny to open your blog up to find this today as I have spent the entire day hanging out with Jon in his role as Nat’l Ambassador of Kid’s Lit – he visited our school today! He is as awesome as his website and his writing and his work.


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