In Which We Continue to Struggle Against Lameness

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What appeared to be a fabulous new feature of Typepad has instead been,
um, not so helpful. See, when people comment, the way I know about it
is that it appears in my email account. There, I happily read it, and
when I have time and it doesn't seem too dorky, I reply. I used to do
this by going to the blog, and clicking on "leave a comment" or
whatever it exactly says. But lately, there has been an enticing little
note that says "To comment, just reply to this email!" So I have.

It turned out that this was a mistake. It turned out that all those witty, thoughtful, and appropriate comments I made were then speedily sent to my own special spam comment area (which I didn't quite know existed—I blame myself). So anyone I replied to, it never got there.
rectify this, I herewith summarize all those comments I made to various
In no particular order:

Yes! I love that book, too!

Yes, that makes sense. I did read The Magicians, and
liked it a lot, though I don't feel quite as bitter about my present
experience of magic or the lack thereof in the present world as the
book seems to be.

I loved that book, too! I loved Mrs. Piggle Wiggle.

Yes, I love No Flying in the House too!

The link for the Winter's Tail contest is here:

I love that book, too!

I love that book, too! (ad nauseum)

will try not to be lazy and to now post all comments through a more
reliable conduit. Or at least to check to see if they appear, for
heaven's sake. I will also try to know what I am doing.

3 thoughts on “In Which We Continue to Struggle Against Lameness

  1. Just going to ask you to think about your use of the word lame as a derogatory term. You may not have thought about the fact that it can be very hurtful to people with physical disabilities.
    I adore your blog and always get new ideas for books to share with my kids at home and at school.
    Good for you for figuring out the comment thing eventually, though.


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