Do a Good Deed

I received a heartfelt message in the old Diamond in the Window email box today from someone looking for a forgotten and yet not forgotten book:

Here's the deal: I remember a book from my childhood, and I remember
loving it, but I don't remember the name, the author, the words, or
really, anything else useful.  Here's what I do remember:
-the theme was definitely late-1970's everybody-is-good-no-matter-their-color/ability/etc-the artwork was very colorful and beautiful; it might have featured blue people-it was a picture book, I'd guess ages 3-6 oriented

-it had the following rhythm scheme (I repeat, these aren't the actual
words, but if you read them outloud, the general beat is correct): "So
I turn my eyes to the ocean / I turn my eyes to the sea/ I notice the
ocean's in motion / 'cause everyone's different than me."  No guarantee
even that the rhyme scheme is correct here, but that last line
certainly gives you a sense of the general theme. 

Any chance you or any of your blog readers can help me?  My
daughter is of the age now where I think she'd enjoy it, and I'd love
to share it with her.  Plus, I feel like this book has been stuck on
the tip of my tongue for YEARS, and I'd love to get it off!

I, of course, have no idea at all what she is talking about. Though the mood, of course, is vaguely familiar. But can we help this person? Wouldn't it be excellent if we could? Anyone have an idea, put it in the comments and see what we can do.

9 thoughts on “Do a Good Deed

  1. What about the Araboolies of Liberty Street by Sam Swope? I haven’t read it in a long time so I have no idea if it rhymes, but I think the general theme is similar, However, it was published in 1989, so it may be too recent a book.


  2. Also, just found out that Mary Anne Hoberman wrote another book called All kinds of Families!. I haven’t read that one but maybe the theme is a little more similar…and I think it rhymes, too.


  3. This sounds alot like A House is a House for Me by Mary Ann Hoberman! I remember this book and have always loved this part:
    “It doesn’t matter at all if my home’s on a hill,
    Or down by the deep blue sea —
    As long as it’s filled with people I love,
    And people who also love me.”
    Do you think this could be it?


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