Nothing Literary Here!

Some assorted business:

1) I am attending BlogHer this coming August. Does anyone know if this is a good idea? Have any of you been to things like this? What should I wear?

2) Chestnut, who has been appearing but rarely on this blog, is participating in a punch-a-thon to raise money for her karate Dojo. It's an excellent organization, The Center for Anti-violence Education, which provides self-defense and karate training for survivors of sexual and domestic violence (and for many pleasant little readers as well). She will punch 1,000 times (or that's the goal, anyway). She would like to invite any of you who are financially able to sponsor her, which you can do here.

3) Diana, who currently owes an astonishing amount to the local library, has just participated in a walk-a-thon. This was to raise money for  Hope & Heroes, an other amazing local organization that supports families struggling with childhood cancer. One of Diana's fellow girl scouts died of osteosarcoma two summers ago, and her girl scout troop has been working to raise money for the group that helped her ever since. The walk has happened, but there you can still donate, if you are of a mind to, here.

4) What does this have to do with children's literature? I have no idea. I have some vague connections in my mind, children>>>empowerment>>girls>>the right thing to do>>>the world as I want it to be. But no more than that.

5) For those looking for an amazing book for grownups, try Edward P. Jones's All Aunt Hagar's Children.

6) Soon, back to our regularly schedule discussions.

4 thoughts on “Nothing Literary Here!

  1. I’m volunteering at the BlogHer conference this summer. I plan to be a sponge– take in all the information I can get!
    As for what to wear, I’d say comfortable during the day, and kinda fancy at night. You do plan to go to the parties, right? 😉


  2. Hey, just learned about this, so am too late to sign up (on the waitlist now). I’m trying to get back to my blog on family dinner. Would love to share notes with you sometime, before or after event!


  3. I will be at BlogHer this year, my second. My blog is sadly lacking in posts at this crazy time of year, but I expect to whip it back into shape in the next few weeks. Hope to meet you there!


  4. Good for your girls! I think it’s a real testament to the kind of environment you have in your house, that your girls are devoting their own time and energy to these fund raisers, and for such great causes. I feel a faint literary connection, to be sure–something along the lines of how we choose the literary world our children exist in and the effect that has on their actual world. When we act with purpose, we see the results.


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