Night and Day

WOW. I can't believe how intense the difference is when posting every day, as I am attempting to do for NaBloPoMo. There is both the sense of freedom, as anything I do will only be up for a day, so how bad can it be? And then to balance that there's the concern with "Oh no, that question about initiation rites was really hard, and we never really answered it, and is it now lost to the ages?"

But in for a penny, in for a pound, or something along those lines. I can now, at least, bring up all the small concerns and minnow-type thoughts that swim around my brain. For instance: do other kids have differences in books they read at night and those in the day? Chestnut started the first Harry Potter book a few weeks ago. She really loved it, but found it a bit harrowing. She came home from school saying "Yeah, my friends are a little like me, they can only read it during the day. It's too scary for night."

I guess I hadn't ever quite thought of it that way, but it made a lot of sense to me. True, something really completely scary that you read in the morning might come back to haunt you at night, but most of the general creepy crawlies will dissipate over the day. At least I think they will. I guess I just never considered taking care of it for myself, the way she (and her friends!) have managed to. Does anyone else do this?

7 thoughts on “Night and Day

  1. Yes, my daughter sometimes says “That’s a good book, but I don’t want to read it at bedtime.” She also pared down the acceptable bedtime music to the point where we switched to river sound effects. Dan Zane’s bedtime album had a song that was “too sad.” Ditto Enya. We couldn’t figure out which Enya song was the sad one, because they all sound pretty much alike in the daytime.


  2. My 6-year old son does NOT like scary books at night, so we choose books along the lines of Encyclopedia Brown. My 9-year old daughter, however, tends toward “lite” reading during the day and more challenging, dark reading before bed. I never realized that before you posed the question…


  3. Interesting question! Myself, I tend to read whenever I can (with three little kids, that’s not an easy thing), so before bed, I read whatever I’ve been carrying around or whatever’s next to the bed. But my 6-year-old, I know he’s sometimes set a book aside as “too scary for bedtime.” He’s generally more into the humor stuff anyway, but anything that might be scary just gets set aside until morning. I think it’s very smart of them!


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