This morning at breakfast, the always-endearing Chestnut offered, apropos of nothing, "I think that when Pippi Longstocking grew up she became Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle."

I said, "Really?"

C: "Think about it. They're both sort of strange-ish."

M: "Yeah…"

C: "Plus, don't you think Pippi's the type to live in an upside-down house?"

M: I guess so.

C: Also, they both make everything into a game. Think about scrubbing day. Do you remember scrubbing day?

M: No.

But I will remember, I hope I will remember, this most excellent exchange forever and ever.

And also, she's kind of right, don't you think? It never occurred to me that Pippi would grow up and become anything, but I think she has a point.

7 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

  1. I am reading this post today with my (almost graduated) 3rd grader and she wanted us to comment.
    She absolutely agrees with Chestnut’s assessment: “Yes! Because Pippi is kinda crazy and so is Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and Pippi is happy and so is Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and they both care about people.”


  2. What a great insight! And how I love it when I see that the things they’re reading stay with them, even when they’re not looking at the book.
    I will very much enjoy picturing Pippi as the grown-up Mrs. Piggle Wiggle now.


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