Secret Pleasures

Ah, it's the last full week of school, and everyone (around here in NYC anyway) is feeling it. No one wants to go to sleep at bedtime when it's still a tiny bit light, everyone wants to run around with the hose, and the teachers are along for the ride (when they're not leading the charge).

Normally, the 3rd grade's homework sheet looks like this:

Monday: Read a just-right book [something at their exact reading level] for 30 minutes and log your reading.

But this week, a very happy 3rd grader of my acquaintance presented me with her homework sheet for this week. It went something like this:

Monday: Read a NOT just-right book for 30 minutes and do NOT log your reading

Tuesday: Read your very favorite book for 30 minutes and do NOT log your reading

Wednesday: Read anything you want for 30 minutes and do NOT log your reading. Also, dress up fancy tomorrow for a surprise!

And so on.

The devilish joy this sheet inspired is hard to convey. Let's just say that there was much rejoicing, and also many 3rd graders reading the sheet aloud to each other with a "Get this!" sort of air, as if they couldn't believe their luck. And the very happy 3rd grader? She dug out one of the (many, many) Boxcar Children books. "It's below my level," she confided, "but I love it." And then she went off somewhere to enjoy it.

Happy summer, everyone.

3 thoughts on “Secret Pleasures

  1. We have been out of school since June 11th. I can’t imagine going this late! We were itching as it was. What a great teacher your third grader has! Love the co-conspiring that is going on!


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