This Is Not Why Barnes & Noble Is Being Sold But…

Witnessed, in the kids section of Barnes & Noble:



Clerk one to Clerk two, proffering the above book and opining: Look at this. He's getting beat up, and he's crying like a bitch.

4 thoughts on “This Is Not Why Barnes & Noble Is Being Sold But…

  1. Yes indeed. I felt like I found out that Naimond’s mother (The Wire? Right? Mother of the Year? Sample Mother of the Year quote: “You scared of going to baby-booking? You bitch.”) was giving us her take on the Wimpy Kid.


  2. Wow! I have a semi-related story:
    I went to BN to buy something for my bookclub. Once I finished, the cashier said to me instead of thank you, “Stay focused.”
    I gave a puzzled look and walked out with a smile.
    BN is an odd place sometimes.


  3. Yikes. I’ll take a community bookstore staffed by people who care about their books, or (heaven help me) an online bookstore where no one has opinions about anything. I don’t need to hear Beavis and Butthead’s take on children’s literature.


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