It’s Time for a Vacation

And so we head out, complete with books for them (Gone Away Lake), books for me (The Children's Book, sort of apropos), some toypedos (trust me), goggles, and a fervent belief that it will be warm and sunny and relaxing and happy—to counteract an equally fervent fear that it will be cold and rainy and bug-infested and someone will get a stomach virus (this is a new vacation fear, one that holds me tightly in its grip for some reason).

So we hope you all read something great. We invite any and all to write in for some We Recommend action (we're hoping to return with many new ideas, as the cabin is across the street from an excellent library (though a somewhat mean librarian). We hope everyone enjoys these last few days. It's still summer! Don't let go until they make you.

4 thoughts on “It’s Time for a Vacation

  1. I don’t know why I thought of you right away, but I was in Daedalus bookstore this morning ( (We are fortunate to lave near their two bricks-and-mortar stores.) and they have all five of Madeleine L’Engle’s Austin books, in uniform paperback editions. Only $5 a piece. Great deal on some great books!
    I have no affiliation with the store….just wanted you to know.


  2. Hope you had a wonderful time! And as the parent of an aspiring swimmer who wanted to hurl all his toys into the lake so he could try to find them, the Toypedo looks awesome!


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