Trouble at School? Ask the Cat

I've been missing talking about actual books. You know, those things that we read and enjoy and stuff like that? So I am going to let you in on a pleasure some of you may have missed.

I don't know if I love this because it's good, or because it just happened to stroll into our lives just when we needed it, during a rough patch at school. But even if I can't tell you why, I can tell you that I do, indeed, love him. Who? Rotten Ralph.


What's to love? Well, he's bad. And I mean really bad.

He does all the wrong things. He creates chaos. He pushes, he shoves, he talks too loud. And it's clear that it's wrong, but it's also clear that sometimes this kind of happens. Especially if someone is feeling a little left out.

And it's clear, too, that just because he does bad stuff, doesn't mean that's the end. I happen to need to reassure certain people that just because something goes wrong, that doesn't necessarily mean that the world will tumble down around your ears. (Anyone know someone like that? Someone small? And worried?)

This book can be an excellent way of experiencing a situation in which bad things happen—and the world does not, in fact, end. Also it's really funny. And gross. And has cool drawings by Nicole Rubel.

Back to School

See? And yes, it's a picture book and excellent to read aloud. But you'd be surprised by the aged people who will be drawn into the story. I think picture books in general are compelling for a much longer time than anyone thinks.

So find your worried person. Or your irredeemable mischief-maker. And enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Trouble at School? Ask the Cat

  1. This is the perfect post at the perfect time for our household – as usual! I know what *someone* (who happens to be small and worried) is getting for her upcoming birthday…


  2. It’s also sort of wonderful to show, say, a 5-year old boy in his first year of school that he is not the only one that does things wrong, talks too loud, and gets into trouble.
    And then, maybe – said boy becomes a first grader with exceptionally good behavior.
    That’s what happened at our house. 🙂


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