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I do promise to focus my energies and write many scintillating posts on all manner of children's literature and related concerns…but not today. Or tomorrow. Today (or rather, tonight) and tomorrow I will be at the KidLitosphere Conference, discussing matters of great literary import, or maybe just trying to figure out the difference between Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Either way, I am sure it will be edifying. Also, if any of you are there, please come find me. I will be the one near the food table, looking uncomfortable.

In other not-quite-literary news, I have been slowly but surely working through details of this site to make it more welcoming to readers. The categories, over to the right there, have been updated, in the hopes that people will be able to look for relevant posts more easily. I've also added a few categories, and consolidated a few, in the hopes that they correspond more directly to the way people think about their reading kids. If you are always looking for a specific way to sift through books posts, say, fantasy or animals books, or something even more outlandish like nonfiction, please put it in the comments, and I promise to try to figure it all out in some way or other.

Also upcoming: a list of books discussed on the site, so people curious about one title or another can see if we have opined on it. (We love, as always, to opine.)

And last, so this is not altogether bookless, we have a book that would appear to fit into the "blow your mind" or perhaps the "leave it around the house and they will come" category. It's a book I brought home for me to read, but though I still have not managed to get to it, Diana scooped it up, devoured it, and pronounced it "really interesting."


This is the child who cried out most passionately, "I hate math!" just last year. Is there no end to what books can do? But is it appropriate for an 11-year-old? I sure hope so. How problematic can a graphic novel about Bertrand Russel really be? Maybe I shouldn't ask that. At any rate, upcoming: a post about graphic novels meant for adults, and whether to freak out about your kid's reading them. I swear. As soon as I get to reading this…..

3 thoughts on “Housekeeping & More

  1. Oh! Oh! Oh! I live in a suburb of Minneapolis! You are coming HERE?? I wish I was going to your conference just so I could meet you. If you have down time, click on over and email me, I could give you some sights to see… and a bookstore you MUST visit!


  2. And the bookstore is…? Please do tell. I think there is one near where I am staying, Common Books (?), Garrison Keillor’s bookstore maybe. He wrote the best review of all in the Times a year or two ago, of some French intellectual’s book, that I still cherish.


  3. The bookstore is called The Wild Rumpus. It is located in Minneapolis. ( It is my FAVORITE bookstore. There is also a good bookstore on Grand Avenue in St. Paul called The Red Balloon. Hope you have a great time at your conference. 🙂 Sorry I didn’t check back until now, and I hope you can access your comments from where you are. You should have emailed me! Then I could have given you the info before you left.


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