Cheer Up, Goddamnit

The newspaper has been bringing me down a bit lately, what with the seemingly endless supply of bad, bad news: the triumph of ignorance, the inescapable reality of death, the vast abyss between the haves and the have-nots, the terrible lot of way too many people who just can't seem to catch a break. It's not the elections so much—I have faith that we can withstand a lot more than a few not-what-I'd-wish public officials. It's more just…everything.

So! I have decided to gather a few of the more heartening things that have been flying around me lately, in the hopes of both getting a little perspective, and just cheering up a bit, you know? Without further ado:

1) The American Library Association has created a new children's literature award for a book "of exceptional merit relating to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered experience” quoth the New York Times.

2) On Halloween, both girls came home ecstatic. Yes, towing tons of candy, but ALSO bringing books. Turns out a wise person down the street was liquidating her (presumably now-grown) kid's library, and giving out Encyclopedia Brown and the like. No doubt there was some disappointment, but at my house there was only joy. "Diana took two," her ghoulish partner groused, but Diana didn't hear her, because she was…reading.

3) Um. I am having trouble thinking of other positive things. Uh oh.

4) ! It's NaBloPoMo! And, the founder, is also a participant, so you can read funny and interesting things every single freaking day this month!

5) I still haven't quite gotten around to processing the interesting, lonely, surprising time I had at the Kidlitosphere Conference (which I think I am supposed to refer to as #KidLitCon). But I did meet some people who have interesting blogs, including this one about middle grade readers. So go forth and rejoice in library giveaways!

6) I finally got it together to do a bit of domain mapping, and now you can visit here by typing or, if you're feeling a bit crazy, just That's right, baby, I'm a domain. Or something.

So there you go, consider yourself officially cheered up. Now you can give out your own books on Halloween, or think of something to cheer me up. And know that it took all my self-control not to put a big giant smiley face up there.

7 thoughts on “Cheer Up, Goddamnit

  1. I would have applauded the giant smiley face!
    Seriously, thank you for the list. I am in the same mood, myself. Maybe it’s the elections, maybe it’s winter, who knows.
    Hmm, heartening things. Everything I can think of is personal these days. Babies and kids, mostly, my own and others’. Like today I gave my daughter a big fat zerbet and, for the first time, she signed “more.” She says the word, too, but the signing was pretty cool. It’s not the same kind of public heartening, but I’ll put it out there!


  2. Yes, I fear I went way too far towards the “personal happiness trumps public bummers” in trying to cheer myself up. My husband noted that maybe no one would be cheered by the lady who gave out Halloween books other than my own children. But maybe inspired? Or something?


  3. Love that, about the books as treats! Excellent! I review kids’ books and donate tons to the local library, school, etc. Maybe I should stock them up for that instead. (Incidentally, we gave ToTers a choice between play-doh and m&m’s … easily went through more than 2X as much play-doh … the pre-/teeen crowd especially loved it!)


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