We Recommend: Reading Girl Edition

Ah, We Recommend, nice to have you back again. Here's where we offer up recommendations for readers who write in and tell us everything! And then, to make it even more excellent, you guys offer up more options in the comments. So go ahead, write in and ask us, see if we can help. And without further ado:

As if to compensate for last week's fashion girl, we now go the other direction on the girl spectrum with this charming six-year-old person:

We have a 6-yo girl who is just as interested in books on football, soccer, the vessels and characters of Star Wars and space in general than anything else.  Other favorites are Amelia Bedelia and Knuffle Bunny.  So, in particular in our house the concept that there are 'girl' books and 'boy' books is well, simply not true. 

Due to the fact that she has a grandmother and a great-grandmother who taught kindergarten and early-literacy respectively we have a LOT of books.  The ONLY ones she picks up and reads independently – Fly Guy.  Boy, does that child ever love Fly Guy.  We have read Little House in the Big Woods, and are 2/3 or so through Farmer Boy, she enjoys listening to those in the evenings.  Her favorite scene so far is when the teacher brought the bullwhip to school to scare the bullies away in Farmer Boy.  Not sure if I should be concerned about that, but I think it was just so memorable.

Any additional suggestions for things that she might enjoy reading?  Not that I don't like Fly Guy, but I was hoping to capitalize on the fact that she finally thinks reading is 'kinda fun' and provide some additional material that keeps her interest.  I would also recommend Fly Guy to others, in particular those with boys who are looking for recommendations for new readers.
Well. Fly Guy. I'm sorry to say that I haven't had the pleasure. However, she's at a really nice age where you can really start reading longer, more complicated books aloud. I would definitely think about Pippi Longstocking, who is a very exciting girl, and maybe the excellent Mike Mulligan and Little House. Then there's Caddie Woodlawn. Diana thought maybe Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Paddle to the Sea, and Chestnut championed The Wonder Book (which she can't stop reading). But then I thought of this:
Funny and smart and just a bit mischievous. All of them are good.
But I worry that I am not quite hitting the inspiredly silly mark the Fly Guy apparently set. Anybody: what should this girl read? And by the way, yes: she has read The Paper Bag Princess. Just so you know.

7 thoughts on “We Recommend: Reading Girl Edition

  1. You haven’t had the pleasure of Fly Guy? Fly Guy rocks. I rank it alongside Elephant and Piggie in terms of early readers from the last decade.
    And Ivy and Bean is an excellent choice. However, it *might* be too hard for her if she’s just on Fly Guy right now. She might try Cynthia Rylant’s Cobble Street Cousins. Girly, but with different types of girls. Also, since she’s into books that are traditionally “boy” books, my son went from Fly Guy right into Dav Pilkey’s Ricky Ricotta series and those were the books that really catapulted him into reading independently this year. Another traditionally “boy” series she might enjoy is Nate the Great and that’s not such a big leap from Fly Guy. Now my son’s reading Megan MacDonald’s Stink series on his own and will probably do Ivy and Bean over soon (we read them aloud already).


  2. How about Horrible Harry, Miss Piggle Wiggle, or Sideways Stories From Wayside School (I’m not sure how easy or hard these are). They are all silly. She might also like Chocolate Fever or some of the Judy Blume books like Freckle Juice.
    There was a book I read as a kid which was about a bunch of kids who did bad things (like break dishes) in the guise of doing good things (like offering to set the table). And there was another one with a story where a girl can’t sleep because the sheep refuse to jump the fence. She also gets into all sorts of other trouble. My sister and I thought both books were hilarious, but I cannot remember for the life of me what they were called. Anyone else know?


  3. Franny K Stein series
    Zack files
    First Graders from Mars
    The DK Star Wars Beginner Reader books
    Akiko and the Planet Smoo series


  4. We love Fly Guy as well.
    What about Daniel Pinkwater? My daughter (with similar tastes) was falling off the couch with laughter this weekend while reading The Wuggie Norple Story. We also like the stories about Irving and Muktuk the bad bears. Haven’t read any of the chapter books yet, but I hear good things about them.
    Would she like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to read aloud?


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