This, That, and the Other: Matters of Decidedly Unliterary Importance

In no particular order:

1) Chestnut is trying to make the world a better place. She is participating in her karate dojo's Punch-a-thon, throwing one thousand punches to raise money for scholarships and free programming that the dojo offers in schools, shelters, and other places where women, children, and transgendered people can learn basic self-defense. Support her here.

2) I am going to the Book Blogger's Convention, which is part of BEA next week. Will you be there? Will you talk to me so I don't become overwhelmed by social anxiety and spend all my time fake texting? E-mail me if you're also coming, and we can avoid all fake texting!

3) Gee, I really thought there were all these things I meant to put here. Ah well, if you want to be amazed check out all of your wonderful and helpful comments in the post below (I am particularly intrigued by the book about the person who rides a giant cat). Want your own list generated? Send us a request, with the child's reading tastes, age, reading abilities, and anything else you can throw in there, and we'll do our best to recommend the right book and throw it open to the people in the comments, who will astonish you.

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