Have a Good Time…

We are off to what we hope is a lovely vacation during which Diana will read American Gods and emerge unscathed, Chestnut will read Heart of a Samurai (recently purchased), I will read The Old Curiosity Shop, 36 Arguments for the Existence of God, Ghost Medicine, Snap, A Home at the End of the World, and The Truth About Drug Companies (ok, I probably won't read that last one. But I'll bring it!). Also the whole entire paper every single day. Plus we will buy TWO papers so I can do the KenKen without anyone getting in my way.

Not to mention the lovely little library right across the street. Plus these. You'll have to trust me—they're awesome.

Have a fabulous fourth of July week, everyone. Write us looking for recommendations, if you're of a mind to, as we will be all charged up with new books when we get back. Speaking of which, per Diana and Chestnut The Unwanteds is pretty great.

4 thoughts on “Have a Good Time…

  1. If you are checking in, or for anyone else reading, Radio Times, a Philadelphia area NPR talk show, is doing their 2nd hour tomorrow morning (11am East Coast time) on whether YA books are getting too dark thematically.
    http://www.whyy.org/91FM/ is the website, and there’s a “listen live” button on the blue menu to the left, and they also keep the podcasts/mp3s for a few days. I’ll try to listen but in case anyone else wanted to listen/chime in, I wanted to pass it along!


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