I Am Out of Here

It's time to take two weeks and watch whales and go swimming and walk on the beach and visit the library. Maybe not in the order, but still!

I should be back posting after Labor Day (don't worry, I won't wear white shoes). Until then, maybe you can email us your We Recommend requests, or tell us about libraries you love. Or maybe you can offer up some suggestions for a book to help a mom and daughter with their fighting, or a funny fighting pirate book, or a book for a girl who loves dinosaurs.

Or maybe you'll just go off somewhere and read and read and read, and offer us up some great suggestions in September.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

4 thoughts on “I Am Out of Here

  1. If you finish your books early and are in need of another, Lev Grossman’s sequel to The Magicians just came out, called The Magician King. It looks good!


  2. Hope you didn’t have to cut your vacation short, as we did! And that you saw some awesome whales. Looking forward to your return!


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