The Joys of Literacy, Number 10,000,309

Your kid will gleefully point out misspelled advertisements to you, and you can mock them as a family.


Courtesy of Diana, who hopes none of you are to cold.

10 thoughts on “The Joys of Literacy, Number 10,000,309

  1. OK, I know the comment above is spam and I shouldn’t respond, but I’m fascinated and mystified that it appears to be comment spam from a double glazing company that makes a case *against double glazing*. It is just to confusing.


  2. Oh! This is pure reinforcement for making my college students take a test on all of these words! To, too, two…your, you’re…its, it’s…who’s, whose…their,there, they’re!! And I thought the “to”‘s were too easy! (Or should I say to easy?) (Man, that is hard to type wrong for me!) (too type wrong?) (Okay, I will stop now.)


  3. Hee! I have nothing witty to add but I enjoyed the comments on this one. Diamond, do you get a lot of spammers concerned about all the valuable gems you apparently have in your window(s)?


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