Libraries We Love: Bristol, Rhode Island

We've been a bit, er, unfocused in our library coverage here, but this weekend I went to one that was so delightful that I had to give it its due.

We were meandering around Bristol, Rhode Island, and my sister said, "Let's check out the library." I hesitated, because we don't live in Bristol, RI, so we couldn't take anything out, plus I'm sort of tired, and wait isn't there a place over there with cookies, and….

Here's what I forgot: the thing everyone loves, refuge of the broke, succor of the book-less, source of all happiness! 

The library book sale.

Not only did this very nice library have a book sale, they also had a whole shelf of books that were free! To take! Just FREE! And an extremely nice pair working the front desk, a young girl with red and black hair, and an older woman with some sort of special hat, just the sorts of people you want to see in a library (if you're me). I picked up a free book (Choose Your Own Adventure, which both Diana and Chestnut love) then spent a bit of time on the sale, getting a first edition The Corrections, some Agatha Christie (I think), and something else which I can't remember because it is Monday morning.

When I went up to pay, the lady in the hat said, "Oh, you're buying those?" Beatific smile. "Well then you just put whatever amount you think is right in the little box there, and thank you very much!"

It was, of course, an old wooden treasure chest with a slot cut in the top.

I love libraries.


Do you have a library you love? E-mail us about it, thediamondinthewindow (at) gmail (dot) com, and we hope to crow happily about it soon!

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