Inevitable Graffiti

We were at the wonderful Book-Off over the weekend, and while Diana combed through the manga section, I visited prize-winners and chapter books, which is where I saw this:


I can see how a 7th grader could see no alternative but to add that little bar.

Maybe this is how it ended up in the $1 shelf?

I feel like there were many other books like this, where everyone had to alter the title the same way. I have vague memories of some sort of adulterated The Great Gatsby, and of course with Ecce Homo, the class Latin text, you just had to add an exclamation point, but for some reason I can't remember any others. Can you?

4 thoughts on “Inevitable Graffiti

  1. Love love love Book Off! The manga section for sure … the young Japanese men in suits clustered in the naughty manga aisle … the used CDs … I felt goosebumps the first time I went there … a book store with some life in it!


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