And Moving on…

Here's something that makes no sense. 

Diana and Chestnut have literary tastes that are pretty far apart. Diana goes for fantasy, and has a real distaste for realism. Chestnut, on the other hand, is fond of stories of brave girls in history. These are broad characterizations, but accurate enough, for shorthand anyway. There is sometimes overlap, but it's never in accord, exactly. It's one person loving it, and the other person thinking it's OK.

Until this:


So…yeah, I have no idea how to explain this. The stories are good, sure. They're not for kids at all. They're not exactly realistic, but neither are they fantasy. They're just…odd, modern, Israeli short stories that somehow found their way to our coffee table and then into my childrens' hearts. (Ouch, sorry for that.)

And yes, the cover is upsetting. I know the cover is upsetting! But they seem entirely fine with it. They just both really liked the title story, and that's the end of it, nothing more to see here, ma'am.

But still, it strikes me as odd.

This is happening on other people's coffee tables, right? Maybe not with this book, but with something equally odd? 

Also? You might try it, it's pretty good.

3 thoughts on “And Moving on…

  1. Whoa, I’ve totally read that book! My friend brought it back from a trip to Israel and sent it my way (I think, anyway…hard to remember where books come from, sometimes). I loved it, too! It reminded me a lot of Aimee Bender, one of my very favorite weird not-quite-realism writers. Maybe your girls would like her too.


  2. I know you posted this ages ago, but I had to chime in and say that Etgar Keret is great. I currently have “The Nimrod Flip-Out” on my nightstand, and the cover is bizarre, and the stories are fantastic.


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