In Which We Screw Up

We love doing We Recommend, but perhaps we have not been not as clear as we can be about it. We are also, perhaps, a bit ham-fisted in announcing what we think the writer means, when we don't necessarily know what it is the writer means.

Please note, if you write in for a recommendation, we will post it on the blog unless you specifically request otherwise. We will put this clarifier in our "We Recommend" tab to the left there as well.

And if we go off on a rant, please understand that ranting is, in the most excellent words of Phillip Lopate, in his essay on friendship, part of "the plain catastrophe of my personality," for which I constantly hope to be forgiven, here and elsewhere.

UPDATE: Turns out the most excellent poet, Frank O'Hara, wrote about the catastrophe of personality long before, and no doubt Lopate was making a literary allusion which flew happily over my head.

And as always, thanks to everyone who puts their recommendations in the comments—you are the reason this feature is worth anything, as far as I can tell.

6 thoughts on “In Which We Screw Up

  1. Judy Moody brings out the worst in us I guess. LOL. I admit that I feared being called out after I called the writing “terrible.” But it is what it is!
    I love reading this blog and I enjoy your take on the recommendation. And I have gotten SO, SO, SO many great ideas from your recs and from comments. So be undeterred and keep up the great work!


  2. Gosh, I guess I missed something? Well, I love your blog and think you sound like a just lovely person. I so enjoy your questions and comments. Just came across your Ursula Le Guin worship and smiled. So, we all make mistakes, and now that you’ve done your best to make amends I hope it will trouble you no more.


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