6 thoughts on “So It Was Tuesday Night at Our House…

  1. Well, I, personally, would love to read your “Tuesday night series.” It would be fun to compare with my family’s own “Sunday lunch” books.


  2. Now that we have mostly dropped being read to, I think we need to pick up a Tuesday Night of our own.
    And I, too, would love to read a series.


  3. I’m not intentially going off thread, but Kaethe brings up something that has been knawing at me. When do parents stop reading to their kids? Diamond, do you still read to the kids ever?


  4. Hmmm. Not really, I guess. Sometimes from the newspaper in the morning, but that’s not the same thing. Every once in a while when the time is right: during a blackout in a storm this summer we got through four chapters of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and it was awesome (hooray for flashlights). Also, The Nose, to celebrate finishing a lab report late one night…


  5. Mom of boys: my daughters are now 13 and 10. We haven’t done nightly read-alouds regularly for about a year, but both girls still request that I read to them when they’re ill, and as recently as last November I read aloud the final book in a series we’d all enjoyed (Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld, highly recommended).


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