How to Celebrate Living Through the First Day of School

1. After drop off in the morning, go home and brood about all the ways you did things wrong and got people late and messed it all up. NOTE: this step is optional

2. At pickup, be relieved that whatever went wrong at drop off ate away at you all day but left your child remarkably unscathed. OK, be slightly bothered by this but mostly relieved.


4. Errands/appointments/logistics

5. Go to the library! Get every awesome book and series Diana wants. Get Chestnut yet another My America book, and toss in a Royal Diaries book for good luck, because rereading books is comforting when middle school is staring you in the face the next day. Make threatening noises about  how Diana will have to carry her OWN books home if she's really committed to taking out 14 books.

6. See the awesome Fashion Illustration Exhibit, and try to decide which one is most beautiful. NOTE: this will only work if you live in Brooklyn. Sorry.

7. Go out to dinner! Sit in the garden area! Get so bitten up by mosquitoes that you are immediately drive inside! Let everyone read their library books while you wait for the food then sit watching them, hoping for an awesome year. 

8. Watch Diana limp home with 35-pound messenger bag for two blocks before you offer to take three of the books in your own bag. Just this once.

9. Go home. Read. Hope for the best. Try to find some inner peace. Repeat till June.

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