Inexplicable Dinner Table Books, A Visual History

Yeah, so I applaud this, at the same time I am mystified by it. 

Found, all open to various pages, these four books, after two nice girls ate/read through dinner:


So…yeah. I guess on the one hand I feel, "My work here is done!" And on the other hand I think, "Uh oh, what will this all lead to?"

Which I guess is how you're supposed to feel as you watch your children become grownup people, right? Both burstingly proud and unsettled.

2 thoughts on “Inexplicable Dinner Table Books, A Visual History

  1. That looks so familiar! My 10 year old is the same way. She reads all the time anywhere anyplace she just escapes. And yes usually her bed is covered in 4-6 books all open and spots saved while she bounces around. And always a good mix of non fiction and fiction. It always makes me happy!


  2. I often hear a thud – or many thuds – during the night: the sound of books slipping off the 12 year old’s bed. Urgh, “The Clique” series. Why do they need to read about it when they are *living* it. (Apart from the money and designer labels, that is!)


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