Why Is This Night Diferent From All Other Nights? Because…Breasts!

First of all, you need to know that there were a lot of seders in my life this passover. And by a lot, I mean three, which is…well, it's a lot. We carried strong through the first. Persisted through the second. And then, on the third seder, we opened the "kids" coloring book version of the haggadah to see…this:


Oh my. As Chestnut used to say, "What the…?"

Those are supposed to be the golden halos of the candles. That's what you thought they were, didn't you?

But here's the weird thing: we also had the 1999 printing, where you can see the same family before the mom got those…halos.


Which, through our excellent deductive reasoning skills, showed us that—someone made this improvment. It's hard to imagine the conversation. "This picture's sweet, but kids only want to color when there are big, round things that can be confused with breasts!" Or something?

I especially like the dad's benignly approving expression. The cat seems to be the only one who realizes something weird is going on. We can maybe tell him, "Kid, easter was never like this!"

2 thoughts on “Why Is This Night Diferent From All Other Nights? Because…Breasts!

  1. That made me laugh aloud. And such a relief from the more condescending laugh I made reading about a Georgia GOP chairwoman who made some astonishing statements about gay marriage today.


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