Who Do You Like?

I was actually going to ask, "Who Do You Have a Crush on?" but the more common formulation seems to be, "Who do you like?" (RIP, poor whom), and they don't even bother with "You know, like like."

Who are "they" you ask? Why, they are middle schoolers. You may remember them from your youth as "kids in junior high" or simply, "some kids." And they care who you like, and they care about the whole phenomenon of liking, and who can blame them? Their bodies are going crazy, they are almost teenagers but still secretly play at home, and they have to confront things like Taylor Swift and somehow make sense of them.

However. If your child is (or if, in fact, you are) being subjected to these questions day in and day out, and you just want a break, a moment where that isn't what everyone is thinking and talking about every single second, I have a solution. Or rather, I have three. And, of course, they are all books. And they are random. First, for the person who still wants a realistic fiction book, but wants to think about something other than romantic relations, there is this:

She goes to middle school. Her friends…change. She survives.

Then, for those who are zany, and also ambitious readers, there is this:

It is nuts, in the best possible way.

For those who are, perhaps, gentler, and willing to deal with romance as long as it's inter-species, this is a comforting friend to return to. And blissfully less sassy than the movie.


Maybe no one is asking you who you like. Or maybe you do like someone, and want to talk about it. If so, carry on, by all means.

But if you just want a moment of being away from that ubiquitous question, or to be in a time and space where no one is asking you, a moment with one of these books will provide respite.

2 thoughts on “Who Do You Like?

  1. What a gift! Thank you.
    We are on the cusp of middle school right now, so in my house we are mourning the end of elementary school. And re-reading Harry Potter A LOT. And I love Harry and all, but good god, pick up a new book and quit giggling so much about a book you have read 19 times already…and yes. I mean the series. Ugh.


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