Hey, Check It Out!

I noticed something different when I was reading the New York Times Book Review this past weekend. There, at the bottom of the page towards the end, where they list the editor's choice books, were books for kids.

Now as far as I know, this has never before been the case. Though maybe I never noticed it? That's a little too possible, given my recent discovery of a new ice cream place, to which Chestnut replied, "It's been there for two years, how could you not have noticed that?" Yeah.

Anyway, let's proceed with the idea that I am not slowly fading into hazy irrelevance, and assume that they really are starting something new. And I would like to go on record here (does this count as a record? A blog?) that I think it's pretty great. Come on, kids books, stand up and be counted! Take your place in the editor's choice with pride!

When you think of how many great books are children's books, it only makes sense. Still, it feels a little heady, and it so doubt due to the new editor there, Pamela Paul, who was formerly the children's books editor (natch), and to whom I am everlastingly and probably not FTC-approved grateful for assigning me my first review there.

This is as "in the biz" as I am every likely to get, so enjoy it if you like that sort of thing, and if not, my apologies and I promise to return soon with a tortured metaphor about bike riding or pointed hats and their MEANING in LIFE and LITERATURE. Should be good.

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