My Friend Wrote a Book You Might Like


But it is not for kids. Not by a long chalk.

Unless your kids want to sneak it off your shelves the way some people might have done with Fear of Flying circa 1978. Or so I hear.

But you? You might really like it.

Note: Jessica is a nut, and it's a nutty book, just like her in any number of endearing and entertaining ways. It's warm, and smutty, and friendly, and giddy, and fun-loving. It's the book you want to go to a party with, the book who will warmly introduce you to everyone she's with and make sure you're having a good time. Oh, and did I say she's really, really funny? Even Nick Hornby thinks so, and he is famous.

I know I am utterly without objectivity (hi, FTC!), but I can tell you that I went to see her read, and it was funny and excellent, and I went home and read her book, and all of it made me really happy.

I must, however, warn you that if you don't think the following things have at least the potential to be funny, maybe skip it: a bread bag of cocaine, sex with Billy Idol, people indiscriminantly (and discriminantly) flashing their whangs around. But if you do? I say go for it.

But don't let your kids see where you shelve it.

One thought on “My Friend Wrote a Book You Might Like

  1. OK. Time to download first book to my 6th Kindle. (Keep breaking ’em.) I’ll let you know what I think, but sounds like a summer read I’ll like.


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