Summer Reading, Overheard, With Different Tastes Accounted for

Taste 1: "Did you have to read Stargirl? We had to read Stargirl. I hated Stargirl. I mean we get it: Stargirl is special and magical, OK? Do you have to go on for hundreds of pages about special and wonderful and magical she is?"

Taste 2: "I thought Stargirl was good. I liked it. I didn't like the boy though, I thought he was a jerk."

Taste 3: "I read Stargirl. It was OK. But what I really hated was Because of Winn Dixie. God I hated that book."

Taste 1: Bafflement. Then, "I loved Because of Winn Dixie."

Please read the above, then mark post-it notes that indicate the theme. You must also write a response, which can be an essay of at least 200 words, or you may create a project, which is due the first day of school.

Or you can, you know, just go read something that no one has ever assigned and just revel in it.

Happy summer.

3 thoughts on “Summer Reading, Overheard, With Different Tastes Accounted for

  1. So with you on this. I’m already hounding my two high school boys. Whatever happened to just reading for enjoyment….oh yeah…the NYS Standards and Common Core.


  2. My child is supposed to do online math homework this summer (although it’s not required). I told her she should do the evaluation sometime when she gets bored, but beyond that I don’t care.
    So glad she doesn’t have assigned reading *yet.* She’s doing just fine reading whatever she wants–even though it means revisiting the entire “Main Street” oeuvre.


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