Cool Things That You Just Might Consider

First, a blanket apology for the generally weak quality of my brain and thinking, which is no doubt translating into less-than-stellar posts. I am going to be a responsible person and put all the blame entirely on the weather, where it surely rests. I have become that person, the one who no matter what you say to her, "I just got a new job!" "My friend is grievously ill." "What do you think about Detroit's bankruptcy?", with a whiny, "I'm kind of really hot? Can we go somewhere with air conditioning?" So be it.

However, I will say there are some things that you can go do, maybe. And they will provide you with a brief, shining moment of clarity and/or joy. Warning: One of them is NYC specific. Sorry!

1) Go see Much Ado About Nothing. It's such a true pleasure. It's quick, and it's smart, and it's funny, and if all of that leaves you cold you can content yourself with its real beauty. So pretty! Plus, I took three kids: 11, 12, and 14 to it, and though the 12-year-old felt there was WAY too much kissing, and also felt that people who insult each other so much shouldn't end up being romantic ("It's like kissing your brother! That's the only person you would insult that much!"), all in all it was much admired and enjoyed.

2) Go to the Guggenheim and gaze upwards in a slow trance at the James Turrell show. It's…well, I don't know how to describe it. I didn't love the rest of it, wandering the museum and waiting on line for a very long time to see Two Tungsten Lights, which I did not comprehend. But the gallery! I sat on one of the weird slanting benches next to an older lady who was there before I came and stayed after I left. It's just—light, and color, and movement, and somehow community without community, people watching together alone, constructing this weird art experience. I got pretty excited when I read this, and seeing it was pretty excellent all together. Also, air conditioned!

Reading: I am struggling with my reading. I am thinking long and hard about it (or as long and hard as I can with this Swiss cheese I have for a brain). I will tell you more about it soon.

And maybe you will tell me what I should go see, watch, read?

4 thoughts on “Cool Things That You Just Might Consider

  1. I am struggling with my reading right now too. How is that even possible? It is the middle of summer, right? The middle of freedom? The time of year when reading whatever I want is permissible? What the heck?


  2. I have a similar post over on my blog of what I’m reading, watching and listening to, although yours is far more erudite. Los Angeles has the Turrell show, too — wild that he’s showing in three major cities all at once. I haven’t been to see it, yet, but your review was quite persuasive!


  3. Fortunately Turrell isn’t entirely NYC-specific. Concurrent shows in LA and Houston. I had the same reaction in LA. It’s wonderful. Can’t wait to see the NY one now.


  4. I’ve actually had a great summer, reading-wise. I went back to “The Yearling,” which filled me with a familiar thrill from childhood, while I read the rest with adult eyes. Verdict? I still love it, even though there are a few non-PC moments.
    Then I read “The Cat’s Table” by Michael Ondaatje. Young boys on a boat crossing to England, vibrant characters, a mystery…great writing.
    Then last week I finished “Life After Life” by Kate Atkinson. I adore her writing, and I found this book to be fascinating. I think people will read it and have entirely different ideas about what it meant/what happened.
    So – if you’re feeling like more reading, I would recommend all of those.
    Also – go out and support local theatre! If you enjoyed MUCH ADO, maybe there’s a summer stock performance nearby of the same Shakespeare (compare and contrast!), or a different one, or a classic musical, or a brand new play.
    That’s what I think.


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