My Child’s Life Has Become a Children’s Novel

Two letters from camp from Chestnut.

In the first letter, she mentions that they have encountered…quicksand. For real. Real quicksand. My lifelong dream/fear/nightmare. Spoiler alert: she did not struggle, and thus has not been sucked under to her doom. Phew.

In the second letter, she drops that she saw a bear. BEAR. The kind with fur and teeth (in case you were unsure). Behind her tent.

No word on whether it was looking for a hat.

Stay tuned for reports of talking animals, magical items, and lifelong friendships formed.

4 thoughts on “My Child’s Life Has Become a Children’s Novel

  1. QUICKSAND??? Where the hell is she? Gilligan’s Island?
    That is frightening. And the bear is scary too.
    I can’t wait to hear about the other things that she has survived.


  2. How lucky she was to see a bear!
    I saw three bears once, in Montana–mama black bear and her two cubs. She very graciously chose not to eat me. 🙂


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