Lost Allusions, or When Literary References Go Wrong

I came out on my stoop last night to find a business card left on my stoop.

Around here, in Brooklyn, people leave business cards on stoops or shoved into fences or doors to drum up business. As in, "Look! I have a business card that says I can do all manner of home repairs. Perhaps you will give me $5,000 to fix your roof?" Usually these are contracting companies, maybe car services, sometimes a restaurant menu.

This time? It was for a day care center. The name?

Peter Pan & Wendy Day Care.

They should read the book, right? Maybe the part about when the weeping parents sit with Nana, the dog, bemoaning the fact that Peter Pan has stolen their children? Or am I being too snooty, without just cause? "Well I listened to the original Peter Pan as an audio book this summer, ma'am, and I have to tell you that…."

All in all, it seems inauspicious.

3 thoughts on “Lost Allusions, or When Literary References Go Wrong

  1. Hah! There is a daycare around here called “Day By Day”. Also a terrible name. “It’s not easy, but we manage, day by day.”


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