The Lost World

We went on vacation. Could you tell? The posts seem to have slowed a bit.

I've gone on about vacation libraries before here, but I must say, this time I was staggered by our vacation library in a particular way. Because the librarian said, "We don't have any new Young Adult, well, because there are no young adults here. There just…aren't any. And I'm sorry to say that a lot of our older patrons seem to have passed on."


So what do they have? They have books from another time. Look at these spines.


It's like my kids get a chance to go to the library of my youth. I'm not really such a font person (can you tell?) but looking at the fonts brings me right back. I totally want to read One Thing for Sure. Or Time to Take Sides. Even the titles seem different.


I mean look at Secrets up there. Can't you imagine taking that out in 1978?

But don't take my word for it. Use actual documented proof.


That's right. The last time it was taken out was in August 14, 1974. And those early ones? The 1930s. And yes, the librarian who talks about how everyone is dead now stamps it with one of those little hand stamps. Did Chestnut think it was cool that someone had taken out the fairytale book she was reading in 1930? When they referred to August as AG?

What do you think?

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