The City Baby and the Country Baby

A long time ago, back in that foggy haze before I had children, I was at the home of a very smart person who had a tiny (to me) baby. And this smart person was pissed off. "Why?" she asked me, "Is everyone so freaking focused on whether my kid can make barnyard noises for every freaking animal? Is this some carryover from when we had a farm out back? I don't care if you knows a duck says 'quack.' Which IT DOESN'T EVEN SAY ANYHOW."

Ahem. She may have been sleep-deprived.

But lo and behold, she was kind of right. In turn, I had babies, and there was a whole slew of books dedicated to teaching them that a duck says quack, etc. For variety's sake there was sometimes a French duck who said, I don't remember, ouack? For me personally, I never really minded that weird rural focus. Big Red Barn was the only thing that ever really put me to sleep, along with my kid, in a sort of happy, haze of country visions.

But then I heard about this:


And I thought: YES. How excellent to have options for the less farm-based among us.

It has apparently been out…for a long time? What can I say, I no longer have babies. Though I am still, eternally, sleep-deprived.

Feel free (more than free) to chime in with others, if you have them, in the comments.

3 thoughts on “The City Baby and the Country Baby

  1. When my youngest child (the third) was about three or four years old, I suddenly realized that I’d NEVER taught him barnyard noises. We did a quick crash course, and at twelve years old, he is absolutely fine.


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