What You Can Do on Friday Night, Chestnut Edition

I bought two books.

This book:


And this book:


I'd been hearing good things.

Then I left them on the coffee table. Like a science experiment, but without foul odors (mostly). Diana came by, and opened the cover of Fangirl, and read the flap copy, and closed it, and looked at it, and walked away. Chestnut came and did the same. They went up to their rooms. They recovered from their weeks. They did mysterious things in their rooms.

And then Chestnut came down again.

She picked up Fangirl, plopped down on the couch, and read for a while. Then she brought it up to her room.

An hour later I saw her lying down reading it in my office.

Then she was on her floor. Reading it.

We (parents) went out to dinner. For a nice long while. We came back and she was reading it, lying down on her floor in the other direction.

We put on a movie (you can tell we live a wildly exciting life, can't you?) and eventually Chestnut descended the staircase, looking soft and unfocused and pleased. She set it back down on the coffee table. "Finished it."

Also: she liked it. A lot.

It made me remember what an absolute pleasure it is just to fall for a book. You're reading it and you don't want to check your email, or go eat dinner, or do a single other thing than to just keep reading it. The most wonderful thing.

Did you remember that you could do that? It helped me remember that I could do that. It's worth remembering.

3 thoughts on “What You Can Do on Friday Night, Chestnut Edition

  1. It is indeed a very good feeling and well worth the reminder. Also, well worth the reminder of just leaving a book out and seeing if the girl will bite (she won’t read anything I officially recommend right now). Also, I have to say, I also liked Fangirl. A lot.


  2. Just went on line to reserve a library copy for my own teen (spring break is coming up! (we, too, clearly lead extraordinarily exciting lives)). I’ve heard good things about Rainbow Rowell. Thank you.
    And the coffee table technique is a good one. PS If anyone in your house is looking for spring break reading: I, my 9th grade daughter, and my 7th grade son all just read the Wednesday Wars and loved it.


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