A Foray into Uncharted Waters, and the Return to Safe Harbors

Let's say you pushed yourself outside your comfort zone. Maybe you read something a little older, and a little more complicated, and a little scarier than you were used to reading.


And let's say you really, really liked it. But at the same time, it was a little intense. (Thar she blows, spoilers ahead, matey!) For instance, there's a dad who's bipolar, and falls apart. There's a girl who drinks too much—way too much—and falls apart. And both these people never really get better, exactly. Not cured. They just muddle on, causing pain to themselves and others, as people do. The book is great, and absorbing, and fun. But it is also scary, because it acknowledges the existence of a larger, more unpredictable, difficult to control world. Some things don't get fully resolved. Some things don't—and can't—get fully fixed. Going to college is scary. Life can even be scary.

But there is something you can do, or so I've seen. When you've read that, and you're really happy, but maybe also a little shaken, here's what you do. You read this:


Do you know what's the best part? When the magic enters her room. (Or so I'm told.) What you do is you curl up in your bed with this, especially if you've read many, many times before. And you're glad, you really are, that you read a book that's new, and different, and thrilling. It's just that now you want to read a book…that's not like that. That's all.

And you know, it's cool, it really is, when magic enters her room. Which is, kind of, something that is always happening when you read, no?

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