Soothing the Soul

Maybe you're too busy. Or you had to be on a two-and-a-half-hour conference call. Or you're just sad. There are so many ways we can go down the blue path.

We all know it goes that way sometimes. So I thought maybe we could talk about the books that will bring joy, both to you and the small person you are reading to—the books you read to your kid, and they, you know, help. They remind you of all the things that matter, and all the joy that is simmering along in your life that you forget to notice.

I'll go first.


If you haven't read this book, perhaps you just need to look at the mustachioed gentleman in the window. Contemplating him could certainly cure many an ailment of the soul.

OK, your turn, if you can manage it. It is raining here (which I find lovely, actually), and I am not sure how to get through all the work on my desk, and I am getting farther away from the things that I wish I were doing. What should I read to a small person (or even just to myself) to remember the ways life is OK?


6 thoughts on “Soothing the Soul

  1. Voyage to the Bunny Planet, by Rosemary Wells. “Far beyond the moon and stars, twenty light years south of Mars, spins the gentle Bunny Planet. And the bunny queen is Janet.” Three stories about kids (well, bunnies, but you know) having truly miserable days…and then each hacking the day that should have been. A truly magical book.


  2. “Good Night, Good Knight” would be my choice. You may too closely identify with his frustrations at first, but the ending is a lovely reminder of why it’s all worth it to read to a little person.


  3. Miss Rumphius or The Library are out two “go to” books for sad kids/adults. My daughter also knows the beginning of Betsy Tacy by heart and pulls the crying kids on her lap and tells that story- it is always a winner.


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