Hello, Friends!

So I guess my blog host has been down, and my blog has been invisible? And it's been one of those strange situations where the absence makes you think of the presence. As in: I should post. And then: Oh yeah, I can't. And further: Huh, it's like an enforced vacation. And also: I guess I could just write posts and just store them on my computer until Typepad is up again. And predictably: Yeah. Right.

I am confused and unsure, is what I'm saying. Do I have anything to say about children's literature? Or any literature? Or anything? These are the questions I ponder as I sit here, waiting to leave for my periodontal appointment. (I am old, I am old, I will wear my trousers rolled….)

Here's what I can tell you: The Brookline Booksmith is a truly delightful bookstore, the kind that makes you think, "Oh I want this, and this, and this!" Reading Ruth Reichl will make even the most die-hard fantasy-book reading non-eater soften. And we're looking for a book about the origins of the zombie legend, which apparently has its roots in slavery (for which it is a truly awesome metaphor). Any ideas?

4 thoughts on “Hello, Friends!

  1. It is cool. Apparently, zombies were regarded as very sad, something (or someone) to pity, because they’d lost their souls. They dragged around miserably, not in control of their own existence, which is probably (says…someone?) how people regarded slaves. It makes so much emotional sense to me. Interesting too, then, the way people now fear the zombie uprising, I think. All inspired by a Muse article.


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