Books or Ice Cream? You Be the Judge

OK, you're being offered a choice between two outings: a (funded) visit to the library book sale, or a trip to the ice cream shop.

What do you do?

I know, I know—it depends on your mood. Or your circumstances (hungry? or bored?). Diana opted for book sale. Which seemed like an obvious and sensible choice to me. Until Chestnut gaped. And then I thought: huh. Maybe that's crazy?

Except that in the big picture, if you were (gasp) forced to live without one or the other, which would you jettison? Ice cream, right? Not even close.

But that's thinking about your whole life. I kept trying to change the time frame to figure out when ice cream could win. A day without books or ice cream? A week? A month?

Is ice cream only going to win on a very hot afternoon?

Coming soon—the exciting list of What We Bought.

2 thoughts on “Books or Ice Cream? You Be the Judge

  1. Hmm- I think ice cream would only win if I had a stack of 20 unread books (not from the library as then they’d have to be given back), but even then….


  2. Our plans for tomorrow include a trip to a bookstore, a library book sale, and possibly ice cream. I see no reason to settle for just one thing.


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