Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser

Some things just go together. Like coffee and donuts. Or toast and butter. (Can you tell it's morning and I'm hungry even though I already had breakfast?) Or…

Well, here's what I found on the bathroom floor.



And also this:



I mean, I guess they're complementary? Sort of? Irony and satire meet sweetness and earnestness? They're both Jewish? They're both discuss New York real estate?

Truly, I do not know.

Maybe they're just both fun to read? 

They really kind of are. But it's a little bit like when you find your kid making a potion in the bathroom or kitchen, and there's soap and sugar and Tabasco sauce and glitter and baking soda, and you think, "Oh dear, what is going to result from this?" 

That's what I think when I see the things my kids are reading. Fran Lebowitz + More All of a Kind Family + Tamora Pierce + the back of the beer cans on the table + "Which Dungeons & Dragons character are you?" quiz they found on the internet + whatever textbooks are floating around school + subway ads = ?????

3 thoughts on “Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser

  1. And I have such a soft spot for Metropolitan Life. Which is LOL funny and thus let me type LOL for the first and second time ever. (We have a baby sitter who uses it instead of a period at the end of most sentences, which is why she’s my last choice sitter.


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